Tree Removal for George Duggan at 431 Old Best Road, West Sand Lake, NY 12196.



1) We have two maple trees we want removed that are about 40' to 50' tall. Each has very few branches but they are near things we don't want damaged - mainly other trees, a fence, and my woodshed.

2) I have a large oak in my driveway with a dead branch 20' up. There is another live branch I want removed that is aimed toward my garage, probably 25 - 30' up.

3) My next door neighbor along the same fenceline has a large ash? tree to remove, right out at the road. He will cut up all the wood from the three trees for firewood. We just need them on the ground. Pictures below.

I would like a price for the work, with a separate price for my neighbor's tree. My hope is to get them removed by November 10th, but preferably sooner.